Southern Arc has two net smelter royalty agreements in place with the companies that acquired Southern Arc’s previously held Indonesian assets, thus preserving the Company’s exposure to the upside potential of the properties.

West Lombok Project

  • In December, 2017, Southern Arc completed the sale of the West Lombok Property to PT Ancora Indonesia Resources, Tbk ("PT Ancora”), for consideration of US$2 million payment and the granting of a 3% NSR. Under the terms of the agreement, PT Ancora has the right to buy back the NSR from Southern Arc at any time by paying an additional US$2 million.
  • Southern Arc used the proceeds from the sale to acquire 100 million shares of PT Ancora from third parties in a private transaction.
  • The 3% NSR allows Southern Arc and its shareholders to maintain their exposure to the Property’s upside potential.
East Elang Project
  • In May 2016 Southern Arc sold its share of the East Elang property to an Indonesian individual for US$20,000 and a 3% NSR on all future sales or other disposition of mineral production from the property. Southern Arc's 3% NSR will allow the Company and its shareholders to benefit should East Elang advance to production.

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